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Prestige Fire Door Services Limited

28 Waterfront Business Park, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3QT

Telephone 01252 645534   Fax 01252 678742   


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LPS1271 Approved
Fire Door Installer
Cert. No. 1066PI

Cert No. 1066

LPS1531 iss1.0
Approved Passive Products Installer
Cert No 1066PIa

LPS1197 iss4.0
Approved Company fire door maintenance
Cert No 1066PIb

Fire ratings from FD30 up to FD120 with all applicable  door formats.


Manufacturing out of our 4000st/ft facility in the South East of the UK to your requirements.

Fire Door Assemblies

We manufacture high quality hardwood or steel fixed screens with either integrity glazing and or insulating glazing. We also produce fire rated solid panels with exotic or very practical finishes.

Fire Resistant Screens

Our products are available in a wide range of high quality finishes - high pressure laminate or polished hardwood veneers.

Fire Resisting Enclosures

We specialise in research and development  for clients with specific technical challenges that require pre-production evaluation. We manufacture samples for review as part of a considered design  / procurement process.

R & D Specialists