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Prestige Fire Door Services Limited

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LPS1271 Approved
Fire Door Installer
Cert. No. 1066PI

Cert No. 1066

LPS1531 iss1.0
Approved Passive Products Installer
Cert No 1066PIa

LPS1197 iss4.0
Approved Company fire door maintenance
Cert No 1066PIb

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Compliance Certificates

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Fire Safety Compliance

Compliancy is a core value without compromise for all of Prestige services. We are accredited by the United Kingdom's most robust third party accrediting organisation and to their highest levels.

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  1. Fire Door Inspector Scheme run by the BWF (British Woodwork Federation), CERTIFIRE and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) under rules by EXOVA Warrington.

  1. The Building Research Establishment’s Loss Prevention Certification Board standard Loss Prevention Standard 1197.

Manufacture - EXOVA BM Trada - Q-Mark

Installation - Building Research Establishment  Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1271

Maintenance - Building Research Establishment  Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1197

Walls and linear gaps - Building Research Establishment  Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1531

Accreditation is by : Exova Warrington FDIS - Certified Fire Door Inspectors. Loss Prevention Certification Board standards  LPS1271 and LPS1531.